Campus Parking Problems

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Parking spaces are being the hot topic of research as more problems are addressed emphasizing among university students. According to Ferreiraa, Freireb, Cruza, and Barataa (2010), the researcher suggested that integrated parking management should be considered in order to overcome parking lot shortage indirectly balancing the supply and demand for those facilities. The limited parking spaces and poor control on occasional parking causes the problem of parking spots to take place. From the findings, University of Coimbra (UC) parking problem’s major factor is due to underpriced fee and congested. The fact that they are lack of space for current demand causing coinciding parking. To overcome these complications, street parking is banned while…show more content…
A dramatic increase in the University students due to China’s development has led to parking shortage problems in campus. Even though there are 4 zones at Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (BUAA) campus, mostly the public zone is occupied by vehicles for parking purposes. This campus provides six (6) parking lots yet all those lots are occupied with a time frame. Time frame here is meant by the specific time duration for parking such as peak hours. Mostly during the day time the parking spaces are not available compared to night time at where ample of spaces are available. Thus, this lead to attitudes of campus communities to park on streets during the day time. By doing so, it had led to issues such as accidents and traffic…show more content…
Due to increasing the quantity of car users and increasing concentration of offices mainly in the downtown areas the demand for parking spaces has exceeded their supply. These are the main factors of shortage of parking spaces in downtown areas. Furthermore, to escape from high fees, many car users tend to use free parking facilities at downtown areas. The developments of buildings have worsened the parking situation at some places where resulting in illegal parking and dangerous situation. According to Van der Waerden, Borgers, and Timmermans (2006), the researcher have suggested payment method or payment scheme to reduce these situation. This is because by having this payment scheme, it may slow down the process of entering the campus and can reduce parking

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