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For the past sixteen years I have solely depended on you both and isolated myself from the intimidating world of adulthood. Now the time has come for me to break the chains that hinder me from seeking independence and building a foundation for adulthood. Breaking these bondages will not be easy by myself, but it will much easier once I get a job of my own. I truly believe that the world and society is in need of marvelous, responsible and dedicated employee, like me. That is why you, Mom and Dad, should allow me to venture out and get a job of my own. The first question that probably pops up in both of your minds is why would any employer want to hire me? As the daughter of two highly successful and selfless parents, I too possess…show more content…
I value my education and the opportunities that allow me to gain more knowledge and excel in my education. Secondly, I am a mature individual who realizes the flaws that I have and try to correct them. Employers value people who acquire these characteristics. Since I obtain many beneficial qualities, a job will not only strengthen my abilities but also create a stepping stone towards a successful adulthood. So you see, Mom and Dad, letting me get a job will only allow me to flourish and create a foundation for an outstanding future ahead. Now I know, Mom, one of your main concerns with me getting a job is me losing focus on what is important, my schoolwork. I understand that a job will only create an additional amount of stress and increase the amount to tasks I already obtain, but overall a job will teach me the importance of balancing my responsibilities with the different aspects of my daily life. Mom, you started your job at a fairly young age and gained an abundance of knowledge, as an outcome. You learned how to balance every aspect of your life with a job. You learned how to prioritize your goals for your future. You learned how to equally harmonize your life to…show more content…
Mom and Dad, you both work remarkably hard to raise me and give me a lavished life. Now it's my turn to give back to you both, and that is with the help of a job of my own. One of the biggest benefits of me getting a job is that there will be extra money that can be used to pay bills or even to help start a college fund. Mom, I admire your hard-working personality and the dedication you acquire. Most of all I appreciate the hard-earned money you receive and use to pay the monthly bills. I have grown up with you both telling me to save my money and use it wisely. With a job of my own, I can begin to understand the value and the importance of money. I can begin to help pay bills or even start a college fund, to ensure a bright future. Having a job will help create a firm financial education and equip me for adulthood. The world is all about experiencing unique things and making a difference with your life. Enabling me to get a job will open up a new world of responsibilities and mold me into an independent person. Independence is one of the biggest stepping stones into adulthood and having a job will allow me to possess that independence. We both know that this independence

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