The Importance Of Graphic Design

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The title first came as a little puzzling for as Michael Bierut is a well-known graphic designer that spent many years of his life establishing himself — as one may know him as a creative graphic designer in the industry; his works and writings are often witty and inspiring which is why many other designers look up to him. However, I’m not quite convince about the inability of designers to think, I’m sure that designers did think for graphic design to be as it’s, the explanation perhaps lie in the design process itself. Be it Swiss schools or Slick schools, each school have their own set of beliefs and prioritizes these set of knowledge. Similar to what Stanley has mentioned during our interview the other day, all the arts/design schools…show more content…
I do not think that the process or portfolio schools are better than one another. Process or portfolio, they are equally important in modern graphic design. Some may argue “function over form” or “form over function” but I believe that in graphic design, one cannot live without another. It is about trial and error, making a decision, what to prioritize, finding the balance between the both forms. I guess it eventually goes down to what one is looking for and wants to achieve in graphic design. I equally value both process and portfolio. I aspire to better understand that balance of it within myself for as I do not wish to settle for neither “shallow and distasteful commercials” nor “unaccountable and meaningless to the general public”. I want to design with substance and yet relatable enough for the general public. Some may think it’s too much to ask for or perhaps greedy but then again nothing is impossible. “Modern design education, on the other hand, is essentially value-free: every problem has a purely visual solution that exist outside any cultural context”. Unlike painting, graphic design is often required to be rooted in the real world. It’s a combination of intuition, logic, and dozens of other parameters that are set by a client and distilled through the mind of a…show more content…
If that’s so, the relationship between hand and mind could illuminate both what makes designers brilliant and what makes designers so anxious. Technology has become the primary and major tool for designers but occasionally because of technology, the true idea fades. Technology plays an important role when coming up with a design where it sometimes manipulates the entire idea. For example, in my case when I get so many ideas that I want to render in a manner of visual. It was often because of being uncertainty and unfamiliarity in some software, I have to compensate my incapability of technology for my idea of what I can manage and access, using what I’m more comfortable. Hence, limiting my original idea of what is to be designed. Educators, in addition to their existing responsibilities, they now must also act as traffic directors, conductors and filters. Content is cheap and there is too many of it. Employable graphic designers ae everywhere but no one necessarily needs them. Given the new economic reality and lack of traditional employment, design schools continue to be responsible for producing culturally engaged graduates who are resourceful,

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