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Building the community without a crime scene unit would increase more issues. Putting a crime scene unit in our community is something to put into discussion. It can make crimes easier to solve. Having a crime scene unit is very important to our community. They can help benefit in many ways. One benefit would be safety because this type of unit can get crimes solved easily and quickly. Many people in our community get away with crimes and continue doing them. Having a CSI unit can prevent all the bad things that occur around us. Not being able to solve a crime scene expeditiously can be a definite horrifying problem, things may become more vague. The suspect can be on the go of repeating the same issues. A crime scene unit would have a vivid…show more content…
Officers have multiple jobs to do which may lead to “tunnel vision.” Tunnel vision is when objects can no longer be seen clearly if you're not up close. Not only do the police lack of resources, but they are lacking on the full time warrant of criminal activity. The field of forensic science consists of DNA, processing techniques for latent prints, lasers, and dust print lifters. Training is another important step to this, but it is well worth it. All of the things involved in forensic science increased the chance of gathering and inspecting physical evidence that was never possible before. That can make solving a crime easier. The need for crime scene units is essential. The unit would be able to professionally estimate and gather evidence. The crime scene sample size in the USA is 67,000. The USA spends as much as 1.52 millions forensics and DNA fingerprinting. Depending on state laws they can remove criteria on forensics. The purpose and importance of crime scene investigation is to establish what happened at the crime scene and to identify whoever is responsible and put them away. Using the evidence they have at the crime scene, they can get more to find the person who is responsible. It’s also for finding the correct evidence at the crime

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