Forensic Radiology Research Paper

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In 1896, Judge Owen E. Lefevre of the District Court of Denver, Colorado became the first United States judge to admit radiographs into evidence in a civil case, stating that, “…Modern science has made it possible to look beneath the tissues of the human body, and has aided surgery in the telling of the hidden mysteries. We believe it to be our duty…to so consider it in admitting in evidence a process known and acknowledged as a determinate science.”1 This was only one year after German professor Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered x-rays during an experiment in his laboratory using a cathode tube. Radiology has played a big role in forensics since this civil court case in 1896. Forensics is defined as what pertains to a case that is used…show more content…
It is usually performed in a hospital morgue instead of a more conventional setting like a doctor’s office. When performed on a living human being, forensic radiology will help determine age or prove the victim’s injury. With post mortem forensic radiology, the deceased victim is scanned for any information that can be used in court to determine cause of death or help with identification. Although highly useful in determining the cause of death and identifying the deceased victim, forensic radiography is not formally recognized as a branch of forensic…show more content…
When available, medical histories greatly aid in this type of forensic radiology. Another way to make a positive identification of the deceased is using radiologic films to study nasal and sinus structures. Comparison of nasal septum deviations and frontal sinus patterns from radiologic film exams is potentially helpful for investigators to identify unknown human remains of the deceased. Radiologic films can also be used to help determine gender by studying the deceased bone’s characteristics. Digital radiography has proved more accurate in determining the sex of the deceased than other conventional methods used by medical examiners or

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