The Return Of Martin Guerre Analysis

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Understanding history through film has been a pleasure and sometimes a challenge for historians. The big ''H" here has historian being objective to artifacts, literature and evidence of the past. Herotodus's the father of history has pointed out from his time in Greek civilization that historians need to stay object to the past and its evidence because it maybe forged evidence or artifacts. Natalie Davis a well known writter has made the film "The Return of Martin Guerre." This film is based off from a true story where a husband abandons his wife for many years, and an imposter comes back claiming to be Martin and the wife accepts him back into her life. However, by the end the real "Martin Guerre" comes back to his family and the wife accepts him, and the imposter gets hanged and burned to his death in public to be an example by the parliament. Historical records of this story have been found in one of France's archives of the…show more content…
One of the first scenes the film showed about Martin in his early yaers was about the ''2candlemas bear;'' this is where Martin is being humilated in a game where he is a bear and other villagers and boys are stiulating him be castrated. By this historians see symbolic traditions of shaming and humilating a man because he isnt able to produce a baby, as well as the villagers and other boys mock Bertrande, the wife for being perfect but her husband not having any sexual intrest in her and having a barren wedding. This whole procces of public humilation for the family is called a ''3charivari,'' historrian get a visual undersatnding how having a baby after a marriage shows manlihood and status in the society. However, thankfully for Bertrande, Martin provved everyone wrong by having a boy named Sanxi. Many other scenes in the film also showed symbolic meanings of social status not only in society but in the familyt as

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