Narrative Essay On A Car Accident

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It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon. I was having family over all the guys were in the garage working on something I was trying to avoid cleaning my room so I offered to get some starbucks for the boys. My cousin tagged along and went to buy the starbucks with me. There we were driving on Grand Ave and then BOOM I slapped on my brakes as fast as Jimmy John's delivers sandwiches coffee went flying on the dashboard and window it hit the window so hard coffee splashed my face my poor cousin was drenched in coffee thankfully it was ice coffee not hot. As I got out of the car I was in shock I could not believe my first car was completely wrecked. Laterly on I was notified that the car was considered a total lost by the insurance, so now I was in needed of a car especially since the school…show more content…
As the car slowly approached us I was getting more and more excited. We started looking at the car it was a totally disaster the roof of the car was all scratched up, the trunk would not open, the tries were bad, the interior was all dirty, the steering wheel was missing buttons, and the arm rest was missing a cover. and the seller was very firm on the price but in the condition the car was in it wasn’t even worth buying the car so we had to pass. It’s been three months and I was still car less I lost all hope in finding a clean car that was in good shape. Than one night I was on facetime with Mike we were both craigslist looking for a car we could not find anything if we found something it would be too pricey for a used or we would find a prefect car that was in a different state. I was so sick and tired of not having a car. Hopeless, I said to Mike, “I am just going to buy a cheap junky car to get me places, until a find a nicer car because I am so over not having a car, this is ridiculous it’s been three months that I have been without a car”. So I changed the price range on craigslist and started looking around I

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