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Have you thought that having a great product is a key to success in the market and you are therefore doomed to succeed? If so, you were quite wrong. As a matter of fact, the key thing for anyone who wants to take part in the market without having to drop out of the market in the long run is to develop successful marketing strategy, which is much more than just a product you are offering. Sardisco (2004) states that „ Marketing is a game of strategy and evolving variables“, hence addressing the importance of your strategy while engaging into marketing activities. Developing a marketing strategy for a business is not an easy task, but in order to make and implement it effectively, scholars claim that strategy needs to go through several important…show more content…
Actually, fully understanding and estimating what are we trying to sell and how our potential customers will as well as target market benefit from a product is a crucial step in deciding how we are going to market it to the outside world. It is very important that the marketing manager gathers all the information needed from the customers because they are the ones who will be buying the product. Moreover, once the need has been defined, you should develop a strategy to convince your customers that your product is better compered to your competitor’s product. For instance, fast food wars are considered to be an example of competition for consumers with a defined need. Being first in the market may give you a lead, but being the most effective in addressing the need may lead you to success. (Sardisco,…show more content…
Regardless of the size, each business company needs to organize an effective way to approach marketing-directed advertising that will enable the company to achieve its essential goals and allow it to progress. (Yeaker, 2006) Moreover, you need to have clear marketing direction, distinctive offer, integrate all promotional activity and that it is all about consumers benefit.(IDEM) The ultimate purpose of marketing campaigns is actually to deliver a specific and intended message in order to influence target groups. More specifically, you should be able to formulate an effective way to speak your information directly to the people you are trying to reach in a way that interests

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