The Pros And Cons Of Burberry

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Channel switching is common among many segments of the luxury-buying population as Millennials are not the only ones comparison shopping in the store, capturing QR codes, and sending photos to friends to solicit their opinions. Moreover, every touch point contributes to—or detracts from—the customer’s over- all perception of the product or service being offered. If a luxury product shows up in oddly irrelevant digital channels, or if additional information about the product is difficult or awkward to obtain online, those experiences will diminish the desirability of the product itself. Of course, putting the spotlight on omnichannel does not mean ignoring websites. As the importance of brands’ sites declines and that of online marketplaces…show more content…
Few brands have pushed as far and as fast as Burberry, which a decade ago shifted its entire business strategy to digital. Burberry makes full use of technology to ensure a rich experience both online and at the store now it is a master of social media marketing and storytelling, as proven by more than 42 million followers across 20 global platforms and recent partnerships with Snapchat, Google, DreamWorks Animation, Instagram, and Apple TV have allowed the company to interact with its audience globally. Burberry was one of the first players to turn runway shows into digital happenings. The company uses the buzz around the events to animate its customer base, interact with and strengthen relationships with customers, and woo new ones. Burberry is not alone in its digital drive. Saks Fifth Avenue has its successful #SaksAtTheShows campaign, which streams live videos on the retailer’s site and uses artful watercolor illustrations to convey its signature style, and Louis Vuitton has been winning plaudits for its digital customer experience and for engaging with consumers through its City Guides travel…show more content…
Strategy. The leadership team must gain a thorough understanding of how digital technologies affect and drive the company’s business model, means moving from a mindset of control to one of agility. Leaders must take a flexible approach to strategy that allows the company to react nimbly to customers’ fast-changing needs, Burberry has done this and excelled. 2. Consumer Insight. Executives must understand how their companies can leverage big data to better know their customers, apply the insights gained across the entire value chain, and create personalized customer experiences. They can build the necessary capabilities using big data analytics tools such as Infegy Atlas and Brandwatch—software designed to reveal how people truly feel about topics being discussed on social media. This approach shifts the emphasis to discovering patterns and deriving insights from numerous potentially unrelated data sets. For example, social media listening makes it possible to understand, on a worldwide scale, consumers’ attitudes toward a brand and its products and to identify, within seconds and in real time, key purchasing factors or customer pain points. Companies that master’s social media listening can then initiate countermeasures, in the case of service failures, and identify opportunities to delight customers—for example, by accommodating a valued customer who has a sudden service

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