Short Story Of Cinderella

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Once upon a time lived a girl named Cinderella. She was known for her beauty and status as the wife of a soon to be king. Her annual slumber party held at the castle was a well-known event throughout the kingdom that only the highest of royalty attend. Every year only a limited amount of the prettiest and wealthiest princesses of Cinderella's choice would ride up in their coat and carriage wearing their designer pajamas and join the event. As always, the first to arrive is Cinderella's best friend, Aurora. As the sun sets behind the horizon and the sky turns into a tinted pink, Auroras jeweled, gold encrusted carriage pulls up to the castle. She steps out of the carriage wearing her handmade Dior pajamas followed by her fairy godmothers…show more content…
She has gotten used to being treated like a princess a little too quickly. I guess that happens when you go from sleeping in an attic to silk sheets. The princesses that are invited to these slumber parties don't always look forward to them. If they are invited and don't attend it would be the end of their good reputation in the kingdom. Somehow Cinderella would spread a rumor about some fake nose job or some made scandalous affair. The only reason Aurora stays friends with Cinderella is because she has one of the kindest hearts of all the land and would never have the courage to confront Cinderella, so she just goes along accepting every person for who they are and never…show more content…
All the girls gather in Cinderella’s room, Belle, Snow White, Jasmin, and Ariel takes a seat on the fluffy carpet. Aurora, Rapunzel, Tiana, Merida, and Thumbalina make themselves comfy on the cushion filled couch. As Cinderella takes a seat on her bed the annual gossip section begins. “…I know right, Alice is a total train wreck. Like, yeah right we are going to believe that a rabbit look her to a Wonderland and she met a weird queen that is made of hearts, a mad hatter and a caterpillar that smokes, she was probably so wasted that she was seeing things.” complains Cinderella, “…I heard that Hansel and Gretel were getting life in prison for what they did to that poor old lady,” explains Belle,“ Also I heard that Goldilocks was getting six months for breaking into the bear families home. I'm surprised they didn't eat her.” “… Omg! Have you girls seen little reds new hood.” asked Snow-white, “Ugh, yes, I have, they are so outdated thats so like, five story books ago” replies Cinderella “You know what else is out of style? Unnecessary long hair” making it obvious that she is talking about Rapunzel. “It really doesn't look good on you” now directly speaking to Rapunzel. “You should get yours cut short, like mine” Cinderella suggest as she plumbs her

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