The Importance Of Creativity In Schools

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While growing up you are told to be creative, such as using your imagination, creating art, and reading books. Schools these days don’t allow you to be creative. They look down upon expressing your ideas. The negative influence on creativity in schools is an issue we have to solve in the future because our world is changing at a rapid rate, and we have to adapt to it, but this can be resolved by stopping standardized tests, allowing opinions of students to be heard, and coming up with projects and activities that allows kids to show their creativity. Creativity in schools is something that isn’t present. Most schools are more concerned about grades rather than creativity.In an article in the Denver Post, updated in 2016, it states, “And they write. Not to express their understanding..Or to even form…show more content…
You are trained, starting around 3rd grade, to study and aim for the right answer and not put in your own thoughts into papers. You are taught that there is most of the time only one right answer unless it’s an “all of the above’’ question. Also stated in The Denver Post “There are those who are so immersed in the sea of testing that they do not see the figurative nature of language and naively think that the monster they have created is helping children” The Denver Post also provides information over how standardized testing is a “monster”. It discusses how the creators of the test think they are helping kids by creating the tests, when in reality the kids are so immersed in the testing and passing all classes that they don't think about the creative aspect in life. Grades are a prime reason why kids aren’t as creative as they could be. Every student is usually so caught up in their grades that they don’t notice the creativity they could offer to the world. In an article called “How Much Time do U.S. Spend on Standardized Tests?” shows that students spend almost 25 hours taking standardized tests which is enough time for the students to be learning
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