The Importance Of Creativity And Innovation

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It has been seen that companies who have been among the most creative and innovative ones, have done the best over the past. They do not copy from others, instead, the innovative ideas come up within. the organization. They compete with themselves, rather than competing with others. They believe that today, they need to better than they were yesterday and tomorrow, they need to be better than what they are today. They always strive to create something new and leverage their creativity and potential for innovation for long term success. Knowledge, curiosity, evaluation and imagination make up creativity. The greater the level of curiosity and knowledge base, the more patterns and ideas one has, which then translates to creation of…show more content…
Inventions generally start with a discovery. 2. Invention - This is the higher level of creativity. Invention is something which is going to happen. If you dont, someone else will. For example, Graham Bell invented the telephone. The science was already there. If he did not invent it, someone else would have, maybe at a later stage. 3. Creation - This is the highest level of creativity. There are some things which only your organization can create and no one else. The key is to tap in to what are those things. Creativity and Innovation are different. Creativity is the process of generating novel and new ideas, while innovation is the application of an idea. It s a collaborative enterprise. In short, applied creativity is called innovation. Innovation converts the ideas generated by the process of creativity into marketable service and products. However, the transition to a saleable product from a creative idea is a challenging task for the management and the organization. The longevity of an organization depends upon the ability of the organization to continuously change and re-innovate. Hence managing creativity and innovation is essential to an organization.
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