Stress Level Analysis

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1. Introduction 1.1 Document Purpose Stress or Depression is one of the major problems in modern society. Stress (psychology), an unpleasant state of emotional and physiological arousal that people experience in situations that they perceive as dangerous or threatening to their well-being. The word stress means different things to different people. Some people define stress as events or situations that cause them to feel tension, pressure, or negative emotions such as anxiety and anger. Due to overload of stress nowadays most of the people are suffering from Depression. It includes physiological changes-such as increased heart rate and muscle tension-as well as emotional and behavioral changes. Sometimes people are aware of being under stress,…show more content…
The workplace has changed dramatically due to globalization of the economy, use of new information and communications technologies, growing diversity in the workplace, and increased mental workload. Stress can contribute to illness directly, through its physiological effects, or indirectly, through maladaptive health behaviors for example, smoking, poor eating habits or lack of sleep. This application is an android based application that is implemented in Android paltform.To summarize the meaning, we can say it is an analytical tool that does analysis of Stress and Depression level and based on that level report will be generated and based on that report suggestions will be given by the counsellor through application. In this application, Stress and Depression level is measured through questioners or through sensors. 1.2 Product Scope Following are the aim and objectives of the system: Through this system we want to help and guide anyone that are suffering from stress and depression due to some reasons…show more content…
Developers who can review project’s capabilities and more easily understand where their efforts should be targeted to improve or add more features to it (design and code the application – it sets the guidelines for future development). Project testers can use this document as a base for their testing strategy as some bugs are easier to find using a requirements document. This way testing becomes more methodically organized. End users of this application who wish to read about what this project can do. Overview 1.Introduction:Provide an overview of the application,describe the document structure and point the individual objectives. 2.Overall Description:Provide the specification of the system model,the classes model,the main constraints and the list any assumed factors that used within this document. 3.System Features:Provide the analysis of the requirements by

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