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My generation grew up with robots. No, not real robots, but toy ones. We had “Transformers” and “FurReal Friends,” not to mention robot movies. These are all relatively harmless but what about real robots? In ‘Invitation to the Game’ by Monica Hughes robots have been integrated into society a little too well. Due to their efficiency robots have taken over human jobs, the result of which is an overwhelming unemployment rate. Unemployment aside this poses some troublesome questions. Should robots have jobs, and can they really replace humans? We have no definite answers, but if we look to the facts the answers are yes and no. Yes, robots should have jobs. No, they cannot replace humans. Robots should be given jobs but only unimportant ones because they lack the emotional connection and…show more content…
Passion is what would take you from a satisfactory web developer to an extraordinary one. For other professions such as psychiatry it is even more essential to form an emotional bond. Nobody wants to spill their troubles to a robot. In ‘Invitation to the Game’ the character Rich tells his friends that he’s been replaced by a robot psychiatrist and they all burst into incredulous laughter. Alden exclaims “Imagine lying on a couch talking to a robot!” and the others partake in making fun of the robot’s unsuitability for the job. This shows that humans find the very idea of confiding in a robot preposterous and would never develop the trust required for counselling. Another curse turned blessing of humans is our ability to take risks. Sometimes this leads to accidents but it is a necessity for innovation and change. Rosa Parks took a huge risk when she stood up (or didn’t stand) for herself on the bus. She could have been thrown off the bus, arrested or even attacked but her act of defiance changed

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