Sports Injury Theory

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Athlete’s Concept of sports injury. According to Wong, P.,& hong, Y. (2005, February 6) the result of the injury from engaging in football decreases the physical activity and time of the player. It is also stated that the injury prohibits the player to participate training sessions and actual game. There is a higher possibility of injury during the actual game than training sessions for it has higher intensity of the speed. Football is a contact sport; players often experience the body contact from the opponents. From the high intensity of the game, players tend to use sliding and tacking that result to the injury of the player. In addition, athletes undergo through psychosocial stresses due to the experience of injury. It threatens their self-esteem, athletic career and…show more content…
There are different kinds of sport injury and all of it can be categorized according to the length of time they take to develop. There are two common time-related types of injuries which are acute and chronic injuries. Acute injuries are suddenly occurring while chronic injuries are last over a long period of time or developed. Moreover, sport injuries can be also classified according to the type of body structures that been damaged. There are also two common body categories and these are soft tissues and hard tissues. Soft tissues are: nerves, blood vessel, muscle, skin, organs, tendons, cartilage, ligaments and bursa while the hard tissues are the bones. These are four categories of sport injuries according to its time and body structure classification. These are: acute tissue, chronic soft-tissue, acute hard-tissue and chronic hard-tissue. Injuries are classified through its occurrence. A direct hit to one of a body part can cause bleeding, superficial, deep tissue bruising, broken bones or joint injuries. Bumping with co-athlete or with sports equipment and falling on a hard surface are one of the common blow mechanisms in sport (Montano

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