The Importance Of Community Life

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1 Introduction It is apparent from a tour to old city and modern planned city what Jane Jacob described in death and life of the great American city about north end in Boston is true for old settlement in Indian context also. It is livelier with street full of life having more diverse uses than planned one. Community life is much more prominent here. Street might be narrow or cramped but much more lively and pedestrian friendly. Houses might not be planned as according to block or superblock system but still have high concentration, built and oriented to create community life. They keep their eye in their precinct; they have their own identity, territorial characteristics even though they might not have some great landmark or monuments to…show more content…
People tend to enclosed themselves in high walls at individual level as well as group level ex. Gated community. Jacob strongly criticized orthodox planning for the failure of city. According to her planner should be more conscious about “How city works in real life rather than how it ought to look”. I think it is more appropriate way of learning planning and doing planning. Growing numbers of planners and designers are now advocating and seeking cultural roots in planning and encouraging the expression of regional identity. This means studying the local culture, their environment, their way of living and planning accordingly. Planning for their actual need rather than assuming what will be best for them. Old city is more vital as it is developed organically with little planning as per their needs rather like modern city with pre conceived planned development. We can say that reason behind the vitality of old city is the cultural planning. So I am going to define what I meant by the…show more content…
based on personal interest different from each other. But as society and community they grew common consensus and create socially accepted norms or customs, beliefs, and way of living that we can call collective culture of that place, society, community. For this paper by collective culture it does not mean a purely democratic culture which welcomes each and every individual irrespective of their sex, place, religion and many more other criteria differentiating them. It should be taken as each and every community as a whole have some social beliefs, customs, and way of living or might be religion etc. which binds them together and differentiate them from

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