Importance Of Self Esteem

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What is self-esteem? Self esteem is based on what kind of importance we give to ourselves, it is to think how valuable we are to the world and how valuable we think we are to others. Self-esteem takes part in our every life aspect either it`s trusting others, our relationships or in our working conditions. Positive self esteem gives us the confidence and reacting cool in the situation to see the flaws in our mistakes and stay on the right path with the fear of rejection. Examples: • Confidence: The beliefs and feelings on can have or rely upon something or someone. • Self-direction: Guided or directed by themselves, acting as an independent agent. • Non-blaming behaviour: Taking responsibility for yourself and what kind of decisions you…show more content…
Low self-esteem build up during the lifespan of a person and letting it go is not easy as it sounds like. Through hardworking and giving sometime to look at the flaws and sometime it may require some professional assistance. There are some simple techniques to overcome this low self-esteem. They are called as affirmations. By using affirmations we can easily increase self esteem and can stop our selves from negative self-talk. Affirmations are the motivation we can give to ourselves on daily bases, until they become a part of our feelings and beliefs. Affirmations works best when a person is stress free, but as people are upset of their life negativity overcome them. They have to challenge themselves and let positive vibes in. For example: if we rephrase the message “I have made a stupid mistake and I am not good enough for this job” with “Yes, I have made a mistake and I have learned the lesson and in the future I will not make that mistake again”. We should begin our every day with positive vibes and positive thoughts. These are the following affirmations which can help you to work toward a positive self image. • I respect others and also myself • I am likeable and

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