Essay On Importance Of Information System

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Information system is one of the components that very important in order to create the high sophisticated technology that presented nowadays. It is a combination of hardware, software, infrastructure and trained personnel organised to ease planning, controlling, coordinating and making decision for the entire organisation. This information system is very useful technology, which can able to access through anywhere and anything. Therefore, the users may get benefits of knowledge that they wish to. It should give enough quick response or feedback, and efficiency throughout the system. Indirectly, this information system or computer-based tools had convenient to the users who aims to store, categorise, organise and analyse the data. It also advantage to change the raw data into the most useful information for decision-making. For example, business and other organisations had relied on this information system to carry out and manage their business operation management, interact with the customers and suppliers, and even compete in the market place. Moreover, the corporation had this system to reach their potential customers and suppliers with targeted messages throughout the web. Eventually, to process the financial account and to manage the work force. The government also used this information system to provide services cost…show more content…
This system can make business decisions more efficient and gives support while improving the quality of manager’s decisions. Furthermore, it helps solve problems while using external data. This system also provides multiple analyses without working any programming activity. It is also uses for managers to search, retrieve and analyse relevant information data so that they can summarize which assist them in making more informed and educated

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