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In one of the early scenes in The Internship,Vince Vaughn who acted as Billy and Nick acted by Owen Wilson whom are the main characters had a video conference interview with two recruiters from Google using a computer in a public library.Billy and Nick are middle aged luxury watch salesmen who both lost their jobs when the company closses when the amount of watch users significantly decreased.They had a hard time searching for a job as they had no skills other than being a salesmen. After a sad long night googling jobs for people without skills, Billy came across Google’s competitive internship program and signs himself and his buddy Nick up for an interview. Both men seem to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. During the first day of the internship program, people are required to make their own group and as expected Billy and Nick was not choosen and was forced to join the remaining people left that had no group. In the beginning, the team had difficulties but through understanding one another the team managed to get on their feet…show more content…
Groups were formed where Billy and Nick had to work with the genius students and battle their way to get the job at google. The movie was released on June 7th 2013. The movie took place at the Google headquaters in Mountain View in California. There are two main characters Billy acted by Vince Vaughn and Nick acted by Owen Wilson. My favourite character would have to be Nick as he is the most active person in the movie. Besides that, Owen Wilson who played the role of Nick in the movie is one of my all time favourite moviestar as he acted in most of my favourite movies. He also has a great personality in real life and is a very talented actor in my

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