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The Book Thief is a great book for people who love historical fiction. This story is great when it comes to emotional value. Unlike books now of days where books have action to keep it entertaining, this story has emotions that make you happy to being tear jerking. Surprisingly, the story even has death as the narrator who makes you value life with hope and love among the characters. You will see how each one touch each other’s lives with the relationships they have for each other. Despite the odds, they make things feel a lot easier for them to undertake. The story takes place in Molching a town in Germany, if translated changes to heaven. The time period was World War II under Hitler’s dreadful reign. It brings you to a world of a young girl,…show more content…
She gets fascinated with books. She makes friend with people and makes a lot of exciting adventures including theft with her best friend, Rudy. The plot also revolves with Max, a Jew that Liesel and her foster parents kept in the basement for years. They sheltered him and took care of him to be safe from the Nazis. He writes stories and sketches too. He has the story about Hitler and how he came to power. The story also depicts Hans as a kind hearted man who is called as a Jew lover. He sometimes fears that the Gestapo will come to search his home for a Jew. In return, to get rid of their suspicion, he gets accepted into the Nazi party and drafted into the army having the dreaded job of cleaning up and collecting bodies during an air raid. Every time there will be an air raid, Liesel reads to the neighborhood to comfort them. She even wrote a book entitled "The Book Thief" which details

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