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Geographic  Worldwide  Over more than half of Rolex market remains in United States, Hong Kong, China, France & Singapore. Demographic  Age Group: There is no particular age group targeted. Teenagers that come from rich family backgrounds are able to afford luxury items, but the most probable targeted age group are the adults ages 21-35, that covers most of the total age segment, reason being they are more financially stable and able to afford for themselves luxury brands. There are also people that saves money till they’re 50 to experience luxury items.  Gender: Both Male & Female Education: I believe basic education is required in order for people to have a general understanding to the luxury product they desire.  Income/ Family…show more content…
They choose to live with well established brands which allow them to be in their comfort zone. They favor brands like Rolex and are loyal customers. Achievers The Achievers are the people that look into the consumer marketplace. They prefer well-known brands like Rolex as it has a good brand image worldwide. The young adult generation are generally is plugged-in to social media platforms and most of them are tech savvy, which includes going through search engines like Google or Facebook as seen in the photo below Rolex has 3,261,431 likes in Facebook up to date. 2. Executive Summary One of the problems were that Rolex has many strong competitors like Omega, Armani Exchange, Emporio Armani which some of the watches may cost cheaper than or similar to Rolex watches, it may cause loyal consumers of Rolex to view other alternatives which are cheaper or has nicer designs also labeled luxury items. Although competition is high, Rolex will still be able to tap into other market by having campaigns and limited edition items that will attract the crowd as a…show more content…
Marketing communication objective(s) What do you think of each of the marketing communication designed to achieve? The IMC Tools Broadcast Media Radio, Television network or local station broadcast Print Media Publications such as newspapers, Magazines, Direct Mail, Outdoor Public Relations/ Publicity Series of decisions involving the delivery of messages to audiences Internet/ Interactive Number of different audience members exposed at least once in a given time period Direct Marketing Rolex stores Sales Promotion “Go Green and Blend in” Campaign Product Placements The number of times the receiver is exposed to the media vehicle in a specific time period Events and Sponsorships The specific carrier within a medium category Word of Mouth The potential audience that might receive the message through vehicle Point of purchase Goals to be attained by the media strategy and program Personal Selling Decisions on how the media objectives can be attained Out of home Media The various categories of delivery systems, including broadcast and print media 4.1 What is the aim for the IMC plan and what can we achieve from

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