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Statutory interpretation Statutory Interpretations is the system by which Judges decipher Acts of Parliament. 75% of cases heard by the House of Lords are concerned with statutory understanding. Statutory Interpretation is the technique of scrutinizing and applying statutory laws, and judges endeavouring to find the recommendation of parliament when passing the law. Statutory interpretation may stand in need where complication and uncertainty as to “what the section provides” and to whom is “within the provisions”. There are some cases where judges require for statues to be interpreted further; such as “failure of legislation to cover a specific point, a broad term, ambiguity, a drafting error, new developments, and changes in the use of language”.…show more content…
Under the Narrow approach the court “can only choose between the possible meanings of a word...” i.e. if one meaning is apparent that one must be adopted. Under the wider approach the courts are granted the right to “modify the words in order to avoid a problem”, this situation arises where there is an obvious and clear meaning but this meaning would lead to an absurd result. An effective example of this approach is conveyed in case Re Sigsworth (1935) where a son had murdered his mother. Ordinarily under the relevant act the next of kin would inherit the deceased’s estate, this was clearly understood by the wording in the statute however if the literal rule was applied it would lead to an unjust result. The judge would not allow for a murderer to benefit from his crime thus applied the golden rule and held the next of kin would not inherit the estate “where they had killed the…show more content…
The defendant, alongside different prostitutes, sat on a gallery, or inside a building tapping on the window, to pull in the consideration of men in the road. Translated actually, there would in this manner be no offense. Applying the mischief rule, it didn't make a difference that the ladies were not themselves on the road, as they were all the while requesting men in the road, which was what the Act was intended to avoid. They were along these lines discovered liable. Lord parker said, 'everyone realizes that this was an Act expected to clean up the boulevards… I am substance to build my choice in light of that ground and that ground

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