Steel Asia Manufacturing Industry Case Study

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“We’RE raising the BAR.” This is Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation’s marketing tagline to showcase their sole product – rebars. Rebars are cylindrical bars of steel used by the construction industry for building the structures of every building, house, road, or project that they do. The experience at Steel Asia Manufacturing Corporation exposed me to the steel manufacturing industry. The said field trip was not only very educational; is also filled with fun. As a future chemical engineer of the society, I explored one prospect field that I can venture on through the plant tour that we had. The group went to the site by 2:00 pm. Before entering the site, we are all required to wear a hard hat as a safety precaution to protect us from the inherent hazards present in their production area. We are warmly received by the Production Manager who gave us an introduction about the company. They are committed to provide world-class products by innovating and adapting to changing customer needs while helping to protect the environment. They’re mission to innovate is shown very well by their up-to-date facilities and processes to…show more content…
Their main operation is heating the steel billets and compressing it in a series of rotating stands. Like other companies, they rely much on importation of raw materials. This reality is somehow saddening because manufacturing plants usually just imports raw materials from other countries and then reprocess it here. I understand the practical viewpoint of this move but this scenario seems to limit the capability of the country to produce from its own resources. Nonetheless, I admire the company’s vision to address this concern by merging with the Calaca smelting plant. I believe that Philippines can also produce our own steel from iron ores. The automation is the plant is impressive but I recommend that the operators’ level of education match their current

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