School Life In Madagascar

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Depending on where you live, culture may influence your school life or even just what you do every day. For students like Antoine, who lives in Madagascar, and for Lisette, who lives in Belgium, there are some similarities and differences in the things they do every day.For example, school in Belgium is compulsory from ages six through eighteen. This is completely different from Madagascar who’s compulsory ages for school is six through fourteen.Not only that but in Madagascar, they have junior secondary school and then senior secondary school, which follows after primary school.While in Belgium they only have primary school and secondary school. Also, Belgium provides four different options for secondary school: general, technical, artistic…show more content…
If I had woken up one day as Lisette I would feel the same as if going to school in the United States. The Belgium school system is very similar to the system in the U.S. I would think that I would be very fortunate to be able to be provided with the education everyone deserves. If I were to live in Belgium I would visit many old building and castles that they have there. And I would even try their food. If I were to wake up as Antoine I would want to tour their several national parks. And I would also want to help build schools for children there or homes for…show more content…
It shapes my whole life from how I look, to where I live, what I eat, and what I do. I wouldn't want to change anything about my culture because everyone is different and no one’s culture is any better or worse. Having different cultures around the world contributes to one's individuality. Having just the same culture around the world would be boring because there wouldn't be a difference in one another.Embracing your culture is so important in identity and influencing our behaviors.Having the same or similar culture as someone could make you become friends because you two share similar ideas and interests. Also not having the same culture is not necessarily bad.You could find yourself interested in learning about a completely different culture from yours. It is good to be open-minded about other people’s traditions and becoming more informed different

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