Autonomy In Residential Care Essay

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As we age, we become more dependent and less autonomous (Escolano et al. 2005). As autonomy diminishes, feelings of belonging and being part of society (which come more easily in smaller environments that are less institutional) become more important to individuals’ self-image. At an individual level, the loss of autonomy over aspects of daily routine such food and visiting hours which are often daily highlights for the human interaction they bring, should not be overlooked. (Sodexo Institute for Quality of Life, 2014) Thus, it is of great importance to embrace the autonomy of individuals (older adults) regardless of physical, resources and personal limitations. Researchers who have specifically focused on quality of life in residential care…show more content…
(Clarke, Dave M,1999) . As adult daycare centre are usually routinized and well scheduled, this may unintentionally oppress them into engaging in all proposed activities. When a center has a more adult-oriented environment, with age appropriate activities, and more privacy and autonomy, there are greater social contact and friendships among clients (Salari, 1999). Furthermore, it is also essential for the daycare centre not to be fully overloaded with activities that may prevent them to forge relationships (resource autonomy). This is because; schedules overloaded with mandatory activities do not allow time for the clients to develop relationships or friendships with others (Salari, 1999). Therefore, it is a necessity to give the older adults ample time and space for them to adapt and mingle for the opportunities of finding companionships, as majority of the older adults are usually lonely. In addition there are limited interactions amongst the staff and older adults personally due to their initial goals of having large group activities with full participation. Therefore, the development of informal relationships among the clients is strongly encouraged in the center. Hence, this will build trust and create a pleasant disposition amongst the staffs and the older

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