The Importance Of Accountability

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The true definition of a profession is a well-paid occupation, especially ones that involves prolonging training and formal qualifications. It also was stated that a profession means a declaration. There are certain characteristics that are linked to a profession which are great responsibility, accountability, specialized knowledge, autonomy and a code of conduct. Great responsibility is taken into consideration for a professional to handle the client the right way and solve their solution. A teacher is responsible to prepare lessons plans, teach the classes that are given to them and evaluating students’ progress. They are responsible to encourage students to do better when down falls happen and make them feel comfortable. They are there to…show more content…
Accountability is taken place in many ways in the educational systems. One type of educational accountability system is that in which the school is held responsible for the performance of its students. The teachers or administrators are individually held responsible for the performance of their student. Professionals render specialized services based on theory, knowledge, and skills that are most often peculiar to their profession and generally beyond the understanding or capability of those outside of the profession. A teacher therefore has to meet a special curriculum in order to obtain the necessary skills and knowledge that is needed. There are also schools such as Harris Federation for the teachers to obtain their certain degree such as associates and…show more content…
But yet others disagree on what John Wooden said. A sociologist, Max Waber mentioned that “a profession is a group which controls entry into its own ranks”. According to Waber, this means that one with substantial degree can control their own pay rates. Based on Weber’s view, teaching is not a profession. He came up with this idea because his beliefs are that teachers are merely employees because they do not set their own conditions and qualifications for entry to the profession. It all falls upon the head-teachers to choose who to employ in sudden schools. There is low respect shown towards teaching, driving persons into thinking teaching is not a profession. Since technology came about in Today’s world, persons have the impression that they can learn on their own without any guidance. The government is also giving teachers low pay salaries and not acknowledging the profession for the work that has been put into the

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