Non Verbal Communication Case Study

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Communication \ 1.Clear : Dear Abdullah, As you may know we have signed up XYZ as our new client. I had a meeting with the engineering team yesterday and had discussed the campaign requirements for this project. Khaled from your team had done a pretty good job last time doing the social media campaign for ABC and so I would like him to work on the XYZ campaign too. Would you be available sometime tomorrow to discuss this further? Regards Mohammad. 2.Concise : Hi Mona I need to discuss the quarterly CSR campaign with you. Let us take the kids out this time to a nearby park or zoo instead of just visiting them. This will help enhance our brand image. We’ll talk in detail tomorrow. 3.Concrete : Alfaisaliah Resort is the jewel…show more content…
Here, emotions are being shared by means of verbal communication. People often prefer to talk face to face with this kind of verbal communication rather than over the phone because there is something warm and comforting about being in the caring presence of another human being. 2.Non verbal : · Body language: the way we sit, stand or move our feet as we talk can show how confident, relaxed or nervous we are feeling. This type of non verbal communication is very often unconscious. Learning to read other people’s body language gives us a powerful insight into their minds. · Writing: writing down our thoughts, or even turning them into great literature, is a fantastic way to communicate sophisticated ideas. We can write to other people in a traditional way, using letters. Or, we can use text messaging, instant messaging online, emails or social media platforms to communicate our thoughts in writing. Writing can be spontaneous or it can be the product of years of editing and re-editing. · . Images: art and other visual representations of things is another key type of non-verbal communication. 3.Written

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