Argumentative Essay On Gifted Education

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When revealed, this result created a stir and violent discussion. Apparently this ranking did not match people’s expectations: it was too low to be believable. And there were many explanations about the results. For example, some experts totally disagree with this ranking and some relatively extreme comments conveyed that the government made this ranking to placate people and wanted to stop their complaints about the difficulty and pressure of study on students. However, most students, including me, found these results very plausible. Students in China all know that their textbooks are not very difficult indeed. And although syllabuses exist to standardize tests, having stated a strict range of knowledge that can appear on tests, Chinese teachers who are responsible for making similar exam papers can always find a way to keep inside the range but make questions very difficult…show more content…
This theory by Confucius called “In Cai Shi Jiao” already existed since about 500BC in China. I saw so many correspondences in different cultures and historical context. John Locke in his “Some thoughts concerning Education” also mentioned more or less the same theory: different children should be taught differently and should be educated to scout for their own talents. To some degree, the Chinese version of gifted education reaches this goal. Students can choose by their interests and learn by their aptitudes. They can spend more time on the subject they really enjoy and get a deep understanding and thus good performance. A virtuous cycle can be formed if students get more and more enthusiastic and develop a very good foundation and will improve even further on the subject they like. Instead of the previous situation in which students have to average their time on six subjects and become average in abilities for all these, now it is more likely that experts and elites in different subjects start to

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