Modernity And Modernism

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Modernity and religious fundamentalism are two sides of an ideological coin. Modernity is the belief that a combination of rational thinking and technology can solve any problem. People who think this way tend to lean towards logical and scientific ways. Religious fundamentalists simply wish to go back to a time before these ideas took shape. This idea of going back to a romanticized version of the past is a large part of the identity of the people unhappy with the current world and what it has done to their religion and ideals. These ideas clash at a fundamental level, with modernists believing the religious ideas to be outlandish and barely based in reality and the fundamentalists thinking that those who strive for advancement and change…show more content…
I don’t live a terribly harsh life of poverty filled with religious war. I’m just an American watching as my world grows more and more accepting. That’s something to pay attention to though. Maybe modernism is only bad for those who are less fortunate than others. The idea of rationality is failing them, so they grow desperate. They turn away from the harsh truth of life and take refuge in ideas involving religion. They reject the ideas of those that caused this and turn to a life based around a higher power. Because the people of today have put their faith in technology, my life is far better than it might’ve been. I’ve gotten vaccines for diseases that killed thousands only a century ago. I have no real presence in religion, so I am greatly unaffected by modernism on a local level in that area. I am affected by the affairs occurring in the Middle East related to religion though. I am the person I am because of…show more content…
These people are trapped in the past with outdated ways of living as the world moves onward around them. Things have changed, and they aren’t happy with those changes, so they try to make the past look much nicer than the present in the hopes that life will go back to normal for them. Thinking like this stands in the way of progress for all of mankind. Change won’t always be for the better but that doesn’t mean things should never change. My opinions are very similar to those in the supporting documents. While I’m not religious, I do agree with most of the explanation and reasoning contained within them. I am in agreement with many of the things said involving modernism and its spread or lack thereof. I feel mostly neutral to many of the sayings directly involving insight from a religion. There is information there to learn from and appreciate but I still take it with a grain of salt.

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