Importance Of Accountability In The Army

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Accountability is a paramount human attribute that is key to one’s success despite their profession, origin or even any social affiliation. Accountability is also outlined as the most vital attribute of the success of any business entity. This, therefore, implies that accountability is crucial in every aspect of life. The intent of this paper is to critically examine the importance of accountability in the military as a paramount virtue in the army. Accountability in the military is the obligation bestowed upon an army officer by to the law to keep and maintain accurate records of property, money as well as other property. However, in this case, the officer in charge of accountability in any military department may or may not necessarily have…show more content…
It is evident that if accountability is not kept, then disorder and chaos will be inevitable in the military. This is based on the fact that military operations are usually stressful acts that may easily arouse anger and temper to the army soldiers when provoked. This, therefore, implies that vices such as unfairness and nepotism which may arise from lack of accountability would often result in chaos among the soldiers. Being accountable in the military, therefore, encompasses independence, self-confidence and integrity to the army soldiers. Accountability thus ensures that the army soldier arrives to work on time, meets appointments on time and also he or she is in the right place the right time. Being accountable also entails sacrificing for the sake of the country. This makes accountability, therefore, an awfully important attribute in the success of any military…show more content…
According to reliable sources, the American troops in Afghanistan have been purported to subject innocent citizens to torture claiming that they are fighting terror. It is argued that for the duration that the American troops have been in the Middle East fighting militia groups over 500,000 innocent citizens have succumbed to death. The American troops usually subjected these citizens to torture by either physical beating or electric shocks in a bid to garner more evidence about the terror groups. This, therefore, proves that accountability is key to protecting the rights of the innocent citizens in any military

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