Genocide As An Example Of Ethnic Cleansing

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Norman M. Naimark argued that the causes of the conflict between ethnic groups was a culmination of world wars, fascism, and the rocky leadership of Tito. World War two played a huge role in the conflict, as groups claimed to be fighting other groups using names such as SS and Ustashas. Nationalist groups fighting to gain territory were claiming this war as “ a continuation of a second world war”. Serbian and Croatian groups sought independence and a recognized identity In Bosnia. The elite leaders on the Serb and Croat groups saw the breakup of Yugoslavia as an opportunity to gain land for their ethnic groups. The elites did not accept the ethnic diversity that was grounded in their land. They saw Muslims as a burden on their plans to gain land for their Ethnic groups, so they made a campaign to force them out of their land. All Parties in the war committed sex crimes against muslim women, rape turned into a tool that…show more content…
The Armenian Genocide of 1915, The Holocaust of the 1940s, the Rwandan genocide of 1994. How could a genocide be listed as an example of ethnic cleansing? The definition of genocide is “the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnicity or race.” Genocide has a base definition of Destroying a population. Ethnic cleansing is defined as “the mass expulsion of an unwanted group in a society.” Ethnic cleansing can involve killing the unwanted group, but its base definition is to remove an unwanted population. Former Yugoslavia is still affected by the results of ethnic cleansing. Millions of civilians were uprooted from their homes. Sexual violence has become a usual occurrence. The Idea of homogenous population has stayed. Ethnic cleansing is pushed through policy and the state controls the media to push its Ideals. The history of the countries have been rewritten to marginalize the role and struggles of ethnic

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