Leasing In Indonesia Case Study

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1. INTRODUCTION In accordance of Jakarta Post (2014), economic activity in Indonesia is developing rapidly nowadays. These economic developments are causing more economic needs that must be met. The fulfillment of these needs is marked with the increase in number of companies to meet the needs of the growing community. The numerous numbers of the companies are creating high level of competition between respective companies with the other in the business world. This intense competition requires every company to develop more, creating new innovations, and expand their business in an effort to survive and compete with other companies. Development and expansion of a business can be done by adding company’s fixed asset (Brad, 2007). However, most of the companies especially find it very difficult to have large…show more content…
Leasing is know for the first time in Indonesia in 1974 with the issue of decree letter of Indonesia Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Trade and Ministry of Industry No. Kep-122/MK/2/1974, No.32/M/SK/2/1974 and No. 30.Kpb/I/74 on 7 February 1974 about “licensing leasing”. Start from that time, especially since 1980 the amount of leasing company increasing and leasing transaction start increasing drastically from year to year to finance the provision of capital goods in the business world. With the enactment of Republic Indonesia Presidential decree No. 61 on 20 December 1998 about financial institutions and finance minister's decision No. 1251/KMK.013/1998 on 20 December 1998 has expanded its leasing

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