Dress Code Sexism Essay

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Sexism in the Dress Code Educational inequity and rational: If you go to any school and look at their dress code, chances are, that the dress code has more rules geared towards the girls than the boys. Sexist dress codes have been prevalent for years, but they have recently just been gaining attention. There are overwhelming accounts of unfair dress code biases towards girl and it can’t be ignored anymore. Sexist dress codes promote rape culture, sexual harassment, and self esteem issues (Asheville Academy, 2017) . I decided to advocate for this issue because I think a lot of the times this issues is overlooked but is very important. I would like to bring increasing awareness to this issue. Now, is this to say I think schools should be…show more content…
I was at an outdoor concert in the middle of summer and was only trying to keep cool, but I was afraid if I reported it, I would get written off because of what I was wearing. A woman should never have to think twice about reporting any non consensual form of contact from a man (or anybody). I decided to talk about sexist dress codes because I believe there is a direct correlation between sexist dress codes and sexual harassment towards girl, and it needs to be stopped. While doing research on this topic, I found an overwhelming amount of information that supported the claims that dress codes were indeed, sexist against girls. However, I had a hard time finding actual statistics about how this affects self esteem issues in girls, and, statistics about how sexist dress codes promotes sexual assault. I believe sexism in the dress code has always been around, however, I think the issue of it is coming more into light during modern times, and that is why there isn't a lot of statistics to back it up, yet. Girls are more than what they wear and should be treated as

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