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The History Boys is a play by Alan Bennett that talks about 8 English boys in the 1980s, originally having their high school life happily but the situation changes when the new teacher Irwin arrived and broadened their horizons. They start to have struggles, confusion and realize the limitations put on them in the aspects of education, sexuality, morale and initiation during the time they are preparing for their A level exam. At last, most of them have a successful life under the elite education, but Posner, one of the boys, is trapped under the limitations, shows the questioning of the purpose of nowadays education by Alan Bennett. Similar to The History Boys, An Education is a movie that talks about the growing up of a 16 years old high school…show more content…
Jenny in An Education used to be confused about why she need to be that hard working to pursue elite education as she expressed “All that Latin! All those essays! What was the point?” (Scherfig, L, 2009)shows she does not acknowledge the meaning of all the homework and all the things she has done for getting into first-class institution. Posner in The History Boys come across confusion as well on his way to pursue elite education: “We know what we’re doing with you sir. Half the time with him we don’t know what we’re doing at all” (Bennett, 2004) showing Posner and the boys’ confusion towards studying and the teaching of the teachers. However, the confusion does not drive Jenny off her track to do what she wants but Posner. After arguing with the headmaster about whether or not Jenny should continue pursuing elite education or to go with David, Jenny is determined enough, choosing go with David as this is what she really want to do at that time, even when everyone expect her to be a good student and chase for the first-class degree. Different from Jenny, Posner is not determined enough as he is confused about his future, even when he successfully get into first-class institution, he is still very confuse about his sexual orientation and even his future, resulting him fail to pursue his

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