Reflection Paper On Police Brutality

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As the protests continued I became more certain that justice would be served and that our cause would be heard and respected. We proceeded to walk down Brian’s street, a street notorious for housing high ranked police officers and city councils members. We wanted to make our voices heard primarily on this street, if we wanted our cause to be recognized we needed to make our voices loud and clear here in this area. Our chant grew louder and louder, hundreds of people yelling, “ Spring-field P-D, we don’t want brutality!” We were loud, we were energetic, and most importantly, we were determined. Determine to get justice for the horrific act committed to one of my classmates. Determined to emphasize how police brutality will not be tolerated in our community. And determined make a statement to law enforcement that our community stands at one and that abusement or power will not be condoned and that those who do abuse…show more content…
“ Spring-field P-D, we don’t want brutality!” This was all cut short though as about 10 police cars approached in a blink of an eye. All armed, all screaming and yelling at us to go home, all with guns out ready to react. We weren't phased, we weren't scared, and we definitely weren't going to stop now. We continued shouting, “ Spring-field P-D, we don’t want brutality!” Then all hell broke lose, cops started beating and arresting people. Blood spread everywhere, people were screaming, and I was petrified. As I continued my chant, I ran into the perpetrator of this all, my old friend Paul. “Paul why are you all doing this, I thought you were suspended?” “ You thought wrong, and we have to put you disruptive people in order”, said

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