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The theme of home and place. To many people, home is just more than a house. Home and place represents your family, friends, culture, integration , religion and much more. But more than anything it symbolises a place where you are comfortable being who you are And feel as though you are safe and carefree. Patricia Piccinini is an Australian artists who was born in Freetown in Sierra Leone. Piccinini arrived in Australia in 1972 and received her Bachelor of Arts in Economic History in 1988 and her Bachelor of Arts in Painting in 1991. Patricia Piccinini is a contemporary artist who creates sculptures, paintings, videos and digital prints. Another artist that I will be analysing a piece from will be Fiona Margaret Hall. Fiona Hall is an Australian…show more content…
Aloft was made of fibreglass, stainless steel, felted human hair, wool, silicone with some aspects of robotics. The sculpture was made by Patricia Piccinini in 2010. Aloft consists of an enormous cocoon or nest that is made from the felted human hair and there is a little boy peeping over the edge of the cocoon. Inside the cocoon however, is a number of large grubs or worms. Upon first glance, these artworks give the viewer a somewhat disturbed or unsettled feeling, but as we dwell on the artwork more and more, we are able to see that the child is rather comfortable being surrouned by the strange grubs. The human hair that is made into a giant cobweb adds a realistic effect to the sculpture. This realistic effect is translated to the viewers and they are able to sense the naturality of the piece of art. Tone is used in this art installation as there is a mix of whites and browns which provide it with an earthy tone. To an extent, the mix of tones and realism of the cocoon makes it almost 'organic'. The emphasis is being placed on not the outside of the cocoon, not the cocoon itself, but what is inside it. The young boy along with the grubs gives an unusual relationship which makes it more intriguing. Fibreglass is used on the grubs to give it a slimy and shiny texture which is commonly associated to insects. The interpretation or underlying meaning that i was able to get from this sculpture was that we as humans, find it irritating and horrific that our habitats or 'homes' are being infested by insects and bugs, yet we do not question why we choose to invade the habitats of bugs and insects. Piccinini's sculpture is showing that we can find harmony by not living without other forms of life in our homes, but living with

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