Lord Of The Flies Comparative Essay

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1984 and Lord of the Flies are two novels that could seem like they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, but combined they are a perfect representation of modern society. Through the use of different literary devices, the novels convey the primal structures of human society, in what, at fist glance, seem like two completely different manners. However, if one were to devote some time and energy in understanding the books in more depth by studying each of them carefully, an altered conclusion might arise. Due to their timelessness and everlasting significance, these novels, although written around the 1950s, are taught all around the world up until this day. Times have certainly changed, but as a citizen living in the Middle East, these books…show more content…
They deal with the flaws of humanity in respect to society managing to present two different outcomes of such flaws, both relatively dark, however one is somewhat realistic while the other is more optimistic. In 1984, Winston, the protagonist and tragic hero, defies Big Brother, the so-called leader of the ruling Party, when he buys a journal to write down his personal thoughts and feelings. He ends up losing all sense of humanity left in him when he is taken in by the Party and tortured for days on end. Similarly, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph, one of the victims of the plane crash, who, along with two other boys (Piggy and Simon), are the only ones concerned with morality and civilization. In a moment of imprudence, he succumbs to savage instincts and loses all sense of humanity, joining Jack’s group, a group of savage boys, in the killing of Simon. On the other hand, unlike 1984, Ralph rectifies his actions by leaving the group and holding onto his humanity until the end of the novel. The novels seem to run parallel to one another; except that 1984 might actually reflect what Ralph would have faced living in the real world and not just in an isolated island far away from civilization. It is as if the stories complete one another, showing that “absolute power corrupts absolutely,” whether it be under a state of absolute authority or a state of absolute

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