The HOPE Scholarship Analysis

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College scholarships are available to many Georgia students. The HOPE (Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally) Scholarship remains one of the most wonderful and inspirational scholarships a Georgia student can find. It provides immense financial aid, challenges students, supports our economy, and has a rich history. The HOPE Scholarship helps many of its scholars with financial support. HOPE provides financial aid so many smart Georgia students can graduate college, it is especially helpful to poorer students. Many smart students could not afford to go to their dream college if not for the HOPE Scholarship's support. The HOPE Scholarship is funded by the Georgia Lottery using lottery ticket money. According to the Georgia Lottery, there…show more content…
In order to receive and maintain the HOPE Scholarship, students must meet a series of challenging requirements which push the students to be the very best as well as to make sure they are the right person for the HOPE Scholarship. Students must graduate from a Georgia high school with at least a 3.0 GPA and keep their 3.0 GPA throughout college ( Men must be signed up for the draft, everyone must cooperate with the “Georgia Drug-Free Post Secondary Education Act of 1990”, everyone must not owe a refund on a state/federal financial aid program, and must not already have a bachelor’s degree or higher (Student Financial Services University of Georgia) . Also, students must complete the FAFSA which can be found online at (Columbus Technical College). Military members, their husbands/wives, and dependant kids will, as HOPE Scholarship is concerned, be treated as Georgia residents if the military member is stationed in Georgia or Georgia is their home of record (Columbus Technical College). Students must meet HOPE’s US citizenship or eligible non-citizen and Ga residency rules ( All of these requirements, big and small, are an important part of all HOPE Scholarship…show more content…
This means that even adults that are long out of college can appreciate what HOPE does for us. Many college students tend to live and work in the state where they graduate, HOPE gives talented students scholarships to Georgia colleges. Chances are these students will get jobs in Georgia and use their talents for the benefit of everyone else who lives there. In these cases, the money the HOPE Scholarship gives out continues to benefit even more people through Georgia’s growing economy. By giving these brilliant students a chance to get through college HOPE Scholarship is furthering the lives of many other people as well. It is the gift that keeps on

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