The Salvation Army In-Depth Analysis

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A nonprofit organization does not undertake its operations to realize profits. It instead focuses on introducing initiatives that can help the members of a society to realize their goals and improve their wellbeing. Managing nonprofit institution demands knowledge of regulations that are set by the state. These play a vital role with respect dictating the requirements efficient for managing the nonprofit status. Moreover, a nonprofit organization needs basic principles of managing a business help it remain stable financially as well as meet its mission in an effective manner. As such, it is vital to understand different aspects governing a nonprofit organization to facilitate in the application of desired management principles to help the organization realize its goals (Smith, 2008). This paper will assess The Salvation Army as a nonprofit organization that is driven to improve the lives of people from different environmental backgrounds in different parts of the world. The Salvation Army In-Depth Analysis The Salvation Army has been accorded widespread respect in different parts of the world based on the effectiveness and integrity it exercises to assist disaster victims and the poor.…show more content…
Here, they stipulate that social, emotional, and physical restoration should be accompanied by spiritual rebirth. This is one of the major reasons as to why they integrate their core values to the ministry to help them guide individuals on the right way of life. Church services are normally carried out in community centers affiliated with the Salvation Army. These centers serve as the hubs where the organization exercises its community and spiritual development initiatives. The members of this organization are expected to refrain from using tobacco and alcohol, and serve as volunteers for a broad range of civic initiatives (Watson & Brown,

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