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Psalms 19 Poetic structure Psalms 19 structure is poetic. In the first six verses the psalm exalts the majesty of the creation and in the last six verses tell of the glory of the scriptures. One feature of poetry seen in psalms 19 is the use of seconding sequence or parallel phrases which is more often chiastic in nature in which a line in the passage has two parts which allows the relationship between the parts to be manifested in various ways (Keating, 2001). Many words are repeated with the use of different phrases to convey a similar meaning. The Hebrew chiasm in this case of noun then verb followed by a verb then a noun creates a pleasing poetry. This can be seen in psalms 19:1. The heavens in the first verse echo the sky above in the second part. While declarers parallels with proclaims. The glory of God partners with his handiwork. This psalms provides a one to one correspondence (Keating, 2001). The Parallel structure provides the poet with a rich framework that enables artistic development. The poet is able to exploit the similarities and differences at a level of sound, semantics and syntax. In psalms 19:4 the word earth and world is also partnered. Simple grammatically dependency bids the parts together like in psalms 19:3 we also see the first part asking a question while the next part answers in psalms 19:12 or escalation and intensification of terms psalms 19: 1,10 (Keating, 2001). The poetic corpus leads to a variety of possibilities in this psalm.…show more content…
There is nothing in the psalms title or subject that can assist us to know when the psalm was written. The heading however tells us that David wrote the psalm and committed it to the master of the service of song in the sanctuary for use in the assembled

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