Examples Of Heroism In The Odyssey

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Heroism can be defined as someone who is willing to risk his/her life in an act of bravery, and/or courage. (Merriam Webster Dictionary) How might a hero have human or natural flaws and still be able to save the lives of others? Is it possible? Why does a hero risk his or her life physically or emotionally? An epic hero is a brave and noble character in an epic poem, admired for great achievements or affected by grand events, just like in The Odyssey, where Odysseus, who is the main character; is gone for twenty years. And through those twenty years, he goes on adventures, while home at Ithaca, his wife Penelope believes Odysseus is dead, which he eventually returns home and takes place as king. In Homer’s The Odyssey, Odysseus displays the characteristics of an epic hero; because he has characteristics of influencing people, has superhuman powers and shows his…show more content…
“Now, I chopped a six-foot section and set it down before my men, who scraped it, and when they had it smooth, I hewed again to make a stake with a pointed end”. (The Odyssey 9.230-234). During the planning of the pike and preparation, Odysseus takes the time to actually pick up the pike, as it is super heavy, and shape it down to a point by himself. The last example is when Odysseus is back in Ithaca, with himself disguised, as everyone around him thinks he is dead, he is the only man out of the hundred suitors who can string the bow and make it through twelve axe heads. “Odysseus strings the bow as gracefully as a bard tuning his lyre; Zeus sends down a bolt of lightning. Then the king shoots the arrow cleanly through the row of axes.” (The Odyssey 21.150-154). When Odysseus decides to achieve the challenge of the axe heads, his super strength makes him complete it successfully and tries to prove to the suitors he truly is

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