The Book Thief By Markus Zusak

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The Book Thief The Book Thief is a movie based on a novel with the same written by Markus Zusak. The movie is directed by Brian Percival whom does a great job emphasizing the struggle and the emotions of the people lived during the Nazi- Germany era. The movie is about a little girl named Liesel Meminger who is abandoned by her mother and adopted to by two kind-hearted foster parents. The oddest feature of the movie is that it is being by death. Yes you read that right. What makes this movie so interesting is that, the Holocaust era is being told by the perspective of death itself rather than being told by the German or the Jewish people’s perspective. The storyline begins with little Liesel’s train ride to her foster parents with her brother and her mother leading them to…show more content…
Not so long into the movie, with heartbreaking narration of death, we learn that Liesel’s little brother dies of severe sickness. The mother buries the little kid in a cemetery near by the tracks. Little after the burial ceremony, Liesel picks up a book, which was dropped by a grave digger while digging Liesel’s little brother’s grave and brings it with her. the book was called “The Gravediggers Handbook.” Liesel is delivered to a foster family lived in a small town. Later she learns that her mother left her because she was involved into politics in a way which was not welcomed during that time’s Germany. Her stepmother, Rosa Hubermann, is a rude but caring woman and her stepfather, Hans Hubermann, is a very warm hearted man. The movie is full of cut scenes where the audience are transferred from scene to scene with little to no transition. Rareness of background music
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