Canada Goose Research Paper

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The Canada goose is a bird belonging to the kingdom Animalia and is native to Canada. Though this species is often mistaken as the ‘Canadian goose’, the Branta Canadensis is the scientific name of what is more commonly known as the Canada goose (“Canada Goose – Branta Canadensis”). First introduced in the 17th century, around 1722, the Oxford English Dictionary presented the Canada goose in its well-renown dictionary. Later on, in the 18th century, Carl Linnaeus wrote a novel called “Systema Naturae,” which had information and descriptions about dozens of species and of the list included the one and only, Canada Goose. Linnaeus’ work and the Oxford English Dictionary were one of the first to introduce this species to the world (“Canada Goose”). Furthermore, these geese are well known for many…show more content…
In contrast, Canada geese were once a species that were preserved due to their near-extinction: they were overhunted and nearly extinct so a new law took place stating that Canada goose were not to be hunted (Hall). Presently, on the other hand, matters are getting worse as Canada geese are continuing to harm the native animals, disrupt the environment they are living in, and are putting the health or

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