The Great-Free Speech Experiment

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The journal article, “The Great Free Speech Experiment” written by Sam Schulman explores how hate speech censors actually believe that banning hate speech will reduce the amount of hate in a society that will further lead to a better and happier thoughts. Sam Schulman has been an Assistant Professor of English at Yale University, then he became a magazine publisher and media/marketing consultant, now he is writing primarily for Weekly Standard. The article provides information related to events that happened this year that have an impact on hate speech today, in which hate speech advocates are trying to take control of. According to Sam Schulman, France have for years done whatever they could to prevent journalists, writers and cartoonists…show more content…
The ideas the author have provided are not credible enough since they are mostly biased on his point of view. In other words, he did not provide enough evident information supporting his claims. The author presented the word “Jihadi” through his argument but have not included a definition for what it means to make sense for the readers. The absence of definition of key terms like ISIS, ADL and AJC made his ideas confusing and hard to understand for the readers which; in fact, showed some of the author’s hidden assumptions. Although Schulman’s language was very clear and precise, he lacked using advanced vocabulary and grammar which made his research less credible for the expert readers. Furthermore, Schulman was able to balance his ideas and supported claims fairly even though he did not express his ideas clearly. Moreover, the author has a well-organized research since he was able to maintain a good structure and style by separating different ideas into its own paragraph to make more sense to the reader rather than having them all in the same paragraph. Regarding his logical fallacies, the author have used missing the point fallacy in his conclusion. Even though he was targeting hate speech advocates and censors, he have concluded his research by stating different ideas and examples like “Jailing anti-Semites and dissenting

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