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In the article “The College Crossroads” by Kwame Anthony Appiah, states that college was a place where people went to learn such things that used to be the easy answer, but now as higher education expands it reach, it is kind of hard to say what college is like and really for. There are two visions that are talked in this article, which are Utility U. and Utopia U. This visions focus on two different ways to look at what college is really for. Utility U. tends to focus on how college can be useful to its graduates and also to its employers and to a global competitive America. While Utopia U. tends to focus on is what John Stuart Mill calls “experiments in living” which aims to get students to be ready for life as free men and women. Utility U. as colleges tend to get more expensive most people really want to know if college is going to be a good investment for what they’re paying. The students are the consumers, which have the needs and also the desires to be met by colleges and universities at the price they pay. A better way to value propositions for college is to cut the price. It also explains about tenure faculty and adjunct faculty.…show more content…
claims that college in the view of Utopia is a place were your build your soul as much as your skills. Students want to think critically about the values that guide them, which they want to test out the ideas and ideal. Students also improve the tools of the foundational American project, which is the pursuit of happiness. With Utopia it is concern with values, which they can involve the material of classes. It creates a safe space that promotes human development and advances in moral progress. Civility is one of the safe spaces that spread micro aggression to unintentional slight the stem from racial, ethnic or sexual differences that are to be examined. In Utopia it can reluctant that there is conflict between expanding civility and also deepening understanding between the safe-space ideal and the free speech

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