Graeme Clark's Life And Accomplishments

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Graeme Clark, son, brother, husband, father, doctor, professor, and miracle maker was born the oldest of three children on August 16, 1935, in the small rural community of Camden in New South Wales, Australia. His parents, Colin and Margaret Clark, found him to be an active child from the time of infancy. Throughout his childhood, Dr. Clark challenged his parents and his teachers to keep him busy and his mind occupied. As he got older, he found his own pursuits and created his own challenges and proceeded to solve them. Colin Clark, Graeme’s father, had been diagnosed with a hearing loss when he was 22 years old after he went to his family doctor to have his ears washed out. He was told then that his ears were clear and that his hearing would…show more content…
His scientific and surgical colleagues who would be reviewing most of his grant applications did not believe his goal was achievable…they said it was a waste of time and money. Thus he had to become very creative in the wording of his applications, stating that he thought a study to do basic electric stimulation would contribute to understanding of how sound is processed by the brain. It earned him a $5,000 grant. It was the last one he would receive from the university. After going through a grueling interview process, the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia allowed him $5,214. It was the last one he would receive from that council until he proved his research in 1978. Through the years, funding came from speaking engagements, donations, charity concerts, and documentaries. Melbourne city council also designated certain days for public fundraising. Dr. Clark and his staff along with some volunteers put up posters and even stood on street corners shaking tin cups pleading for nickels, dimes and dollars. Finally, he met with service clubs such as the Lions and the Apex Club of Melbourne and they proved to be his best source of funds for the short

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