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How to become a Registered Medical Assistant Becoming a Registered Medical Assistant requires to obtain a variety of licenses and educational courses within the healthcare assistance field. Medical assistants perform their duties alongside professional physicians, appropriating administrative, as well as clinical procedures. Some of the most common tasks that a medical assistant needs to execute are scheduling appointments, preparing laboratory sets and samples, including the collecting and analyzing patients’ history and vital signs with possible diagnosis. Therefore, any potential medical assistants requires a great amount of skills in order to work in hospitals, physician’s office, or among other healthcare facilities. The majority of Registered…show more content…
You must be free of any felonies convictions and you must pay an amount of $95 for the application fee. If you apply for the RMA Exam after 60 months of completing your medical assistant certification, you must apply for recertification beforehand. Most of the candidates who earn a certification can proceed with scheduling the RMA exam online, at certain schools or testing centers. The online tests will show the results almost immediately, while schools take up to 6-8 weeks to post the grades. The structure of the exam is usually a multiple-choice question on subjects of medical legal system, ethics and terminology, including clerical procedure, emergency response and sterilization. The pass limit must be at least 70, and after earning the certification, any Registered Medical Assistant must recertify every 60 months by continuously paying a fee and earning additional education…show more content…
The differences between CMA and RMA are mainly in the certifying administrations and exams. CMA is licensed by the Certifying Board of the American Association of Medical Assistants and have a longer expiry date of the certificate of 5 years, but it still signifies that CMA stay up to date with the latest advancements and necessary knowledge on how to execute certain duties. In addition, before proceeding in taking the CMA exam, you should have knowledge of the variety of topics that the exam consists of. The categories are administrative as well as clinical, including anatomy and psychology, legal guidelines and regulations, plus medical terminology and lab processes. In similarity to RMA exam, CMA exam requires a fee that depends on your accrediting organization. The recertification of CMA stands on basis of a combination of skills and experience of the continuing educational credits, which show your building of the accredited skills and the commitment of performing additional examinations. Therefore, by recertifying you RMA or CMA you will only update your knowledge of the developing medical industry. In regards to the RMA, it stays accredited by a nonprofit organization called the American Medical Technologists. The exam is fairly the same as in the CMA, with anatomy, psychology, medical laws and ethics, including clinical medical assisting, insurance and finance. Your credentials to take part in this exam

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