How Did Quentin Tarantino Use Reservoir Dogs Respond To Violence?

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If Martin Scorsese busted his way to the scene then Quentin Tarantino jumped shot his way onto the scene (and it was a bloody mess). Quentin Tarantino spent no time becoming famous. After debuting his first film, Reservoir Dogs, at Cannes Film Festival in 1992, he quickly became a household name. Reservoir Dogs, is “a neo-noir crime film that depicts the events before and after a botched diamond heist takes place”(IMDB). Hailed by many audiences and critics it quickly became a cult hit and was named “Greatest Independent Film of all Time” by Empire magazine. While it was praised it had also been slammed by audiences alike who weren’t use to his style of bloody filmmaking. Reservoir Dogs sets the exact tone for the Tarantino film catalogue that he begins to build on. In Quentin Tarantino’s latest bloody film, Django Unchained, released in 2013 and Oscar winner for best Original Screenplay, it plays out as a spaghetti western set right before the civil war in the south as we follow a german bounty hunter who frees a slave (Django) to help him rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. Adored by critics but hated by most audience (seems to be a recurring motif) this film is almost too violent, but in the best way possible. Audience have claimed that the excessive use of the N word and…show more content…
In one of the last scenes Leonardo Dicaprio’s evil plantation owner has a monologue about how the difference between the skull of a black person and white person and refers to the black people as a different “species”.Although this monologue drags on, it shows us that this is the ignorance level of these people in the 1800’s. It all has purpose. If you choose to ignore the simple satire that he is giving us in this movie you’re choosing to ignore history, and that’s what Tarantino want’s you think

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