The Golden Years Of America In The 1960's

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During the 1960s, many people may have referred to that time as the “golden years.” However, it was not the “golden years’’ America was suffering with a high percentage of poverty and racial injustice. America was highly consumed by materialism, consumerism and the obsession to succeed. In 196o John Kennedy was elected for president, he promised to bring hope back to the U.S.A, he also promised to help give freedom to every American and to end war, hunger and poverty. President John Kennedy was very loved by many Americans; in 1963 when he was assassin by Lee Harvey Oswald, he put America in a state of turmoil. When John Kennedy died, his vice president Lyndon B. Johnson took his place in office, Lyndon took Kennedy’s proposal for Medicare Law in to a program. Johnson was very impressive in the civil rights area, he created the law Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act prohibits discrimination in public facilities; the…show more content…
Americans reacted greatly to this war; they protested and attended Anti-War marches. This war helped get many Americans hooked on the drug heroin, this drug was much used in Asia, but when soldiers went back home so did their addictions. With more than 500,000 Americans in the Vietnam War by November of 1967, and 15.058 Americans killed there was a realization that maybe the war was not a good idea. The Vietnam War was costing America over $25 billion, putting budget cuts on poverty eliminating programs. Known American such as Norman Mailer and Martin Luther King Jr. went public with their opposing view on the war and how it affects morals. On March 15 1968 the gold pool collapsed, the gold market was down for two weeks before it came to its end in March.(

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