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European Cinema Like the other major innovations, cinema has also emerged in most of the Western countries. Europe has produced a great number of movies. Louis Le Prince, The Lumiere Brothers and George Melies are the roots to the European Cinema. There are four important movements that took place in this cinema. 1. German Expressionism 2. French Impressionist Cinema 3. Poetic Realism and 4. Italian Neorealism German Expressionism In 1893 an artist named Edvard Munch was very famous for his art work. He usually focused on scenes of anxiety, agony, and death portraits. All these styles are adopted by the Expressionist. The term Expressionism…show more content…
It was not a very strong movement but the individuals created the lyrical style. This realist films generally shows the pessimistic view of the society as they focus in on showing love and then getting disappointed or premature death. Bitterness, disappointment, nostalgia are the main themes of Realism. The main aspect of Realism that time was the rejection of the happy ending. It was very common in Hollywood that time. La Petite Lise by Jean Gremillon can be a good example of Poetic Realism. Italian neorealism It is a style that is film characterized by stories of the working class and the poor and the location is usually used by the unprofessional actors. The content usually was the emotional situation before the World War II. This was the new democratic spirit to show the value of ordinary people and the speeches were controversial. Neo- Realism means facts and re-constituted reportage. Locations were needed to shoot not studios. The major work of neorealism is ossessione or obsession. It made it clear that something original, the reality was brewing in Italian…show more content…
The ideas they had still inspire the new filmmaker because there was hidden message in the movies and that was the reality of society. The European had a golden age though it had a downfall due to the World Wars. European Films are known as art Films in America which only reach to a certain number of people. In Europe if someone search any kind of movie it will come the heading of art and culture. They take movies as a part of their culture. Movies have evolved differently in different areas of the world depending on the audience expectations. European cinemas have a huge part in today’s movies. The technology they have brought has made it easier for the new producers. Mostly a filmmaker is inspired by another filmmaker and this is how the cycle goes on. The themes in their movies repeat in the recent movies. If a person starts to learn about the European eventually they will start to love it. They have made their identity in the troubled

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